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Atunis Consultancy: Pioneering Growth, Personalization, and Global Impact in HR and Management Consulting

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Mr. Can Suntay, the esteemed Managing Director of Atunis Consultancy, is a distinguished professional with a Business Administration degree from Bilkent University and an MBA from Istanbul Bilgi University. His illustrious career commenced in sales at ViennaLife Insurance, followed by an impressive 19-year tenure as an HR Consultant at Mercer Brokerage and Mercer Consulting. A trailblazer in every sense, Mr. Can Suntay has pioneered Flexible Benefits Programs in Turkey, orchestrated software program management, and adeptly executed version changes for over a decade. His authoritative standing is underscored by recognition from industry bodies, designating him as a BES – DC Pension Plan broker and a technical personnel authority. Notably, Can’s expertise has been featured in esteemed publications such as Hürriyet and Sabah.

In the corporate realm, Mr. Can Suntay stands out as an exceptional People Manager, Coach, and Mentor. His advanced project management skills render him an indispensable asset, while his proactive approach keeps him ahead of the curve, navigating HR trends, legislative changes, and economic shifts with finesse.

With 22 years of professional experience and a staggering 19 years in global HR management and consulting, Mr. Can Suntay founded Atunis Consulting. His mission is to provide comprehensive services and share his wealth of knowledge with aspiring professionals in the HR field. Today, Atunis has emerged as a distinctive service provider in the Turkish market, aligning HR practices with evolving business methodologies. The company not only champions the individualization of Comp&Ben management but also simplifies administrative processes, emphasizing the significance of tax benefits, social security premiums, and economies of scale. Atunis is committed to assisting clients in transitioning from outdated methods, fostering a greater focus on individualization and its paramount importance.

Mr. Can Suntay articulates Atunis’s vision: “There is a lack of concentration on the local agenda while being connected with global progress, and little or no focus on how to improve that with close partnerships with governments. Atunis’s aim is to bring Turkey closer to European standards, enhance connections with the Turkish world, and simultaneously engage with developing Asian economies and the exemplary engine of creativity and entrepreneurship, the USA.” Atunis places a strategic emphasis on the economic status and business development opportunities of Turkish countries, contributing to the construction of healthy, progressive private sectors.

Services Offered by Atunis Consultancy

In the realm of consultancy, Atunis emerges as a trailblazer, offering an array of transformative services under the visionary leadership of Mr. Can Suntay. At the core of their offerings is a government-supported Personal Inventory system, heralded as the world’s first smart algorithm personal inventory system, employing the proenneagram methodology. Mr. Can Suntay articulates the mission, “At Atunis, our aim is to assist your family in understanding your children’s professional personality types, strengths, potential risks, and educational needs. We envision seamless integration of major Western-style schools with the government’s educational program, fostering adaptation to Western cultures. For families considering education abroad, our system ensures a smooth integration with the local business landscape in Turkey in the future.”

Moving beyond educational support, Atunis extends its reach to schools, aiding in the identification of suitable teachers for private institutions and facilitating their integration. Mr. Can Suntay expands on this, “We also offer Coaching and Mentoring programs for professionals, guiding them in career management and life strategies. Leveraging our personal inventory system, we play a pivotal role in your company’s recruitment processes, promotion planning, and the formulation of retention and attraction strategies. This enables the harmonization of diverse departments and the creation of a comprehensive SWOT analysis based on personality types.”

Not resting on their laurels, Atunis actively engages with companies, providing expertise in Performance Management and goal-setting processes. Mr. Can Suntay shares, “Our goal is to assist your company in growing sustainably while aligning with the evolving business landscape.” Looking ahead, Atunis is in the process of developing an innovative tool designed to streamline benefits administration, manage Flexible Benefits Programs and Total Rewards Statements, and calculate specific Social Security Premium Exemptions and Tax Advantages. This tool, as Mr. Can Suntay highlights, will be the latest addition, focusing on the meticulous management of Health-Life and DC Pension Plans, further solidifying Atunis’s commitment to holistic organizational development.

Revolutionizing Employee Benefits with Atunis Flexible Reward Program

Atunis Consultancy’s commitment to innovation extends to its Flexible Reward program, a transformative approach that surpasses traditional benefits. Going beyond the conventional, this program encompasses not only standard benefits but also includes cash equivalents such as sales and performance premiums. Mr. Can Suntay elucidates, “Our focus is not solely on benefits but also on the effective management of the Total Rewards Concept. Our system is designed to align benefits with the International Position Evaluation System, making it a pioneering and unique program worldwide.”

Utilizing cutting-edge AI, Atunis simplifies the benefits design process by directly collecting personal information from employees and customizing the program based on their responses. The program generates personalized messages and suggestions for employees, complemented by statistical tracking for admin users to ensure timely reporting of choices. Mr. Can Suntay emphasizes, “Managing Health Insurance selections and automating spouse and children’s choices are simplified for ease, ensuring that the partial financing of certain benefit plans and their management are much more straightforward through our portal.”

A dedicated section within the program calculates tax and social security advantages for Health-Life and DC Pension Plan products. Additionally, the program generates suggestions for employees to enhance plan participation and aids clients in conforming to legislative changes in the benefits arena. Mr. Can Suntay outlines future collaborations, “Partnerships with Health and DC Pension companies, along with collaborations with Private Schools and Education Centers, aim to enhance customer satisfaction through our tool. We’re poised to become Turkey’s first to offer such a comprehensive suite of capabilities.”

In parallel with this groundbreaking program, Atunis continues to champion its government-supported Personal Inventory system. Mr. Can Suntay reiterates, “Our aim is to assist your family in understanding your children’s professional personality types, strengths, potential risks, and educational needs. For families planning to send their children abroad for education, our system ensures seamless integration with the local business landscape in Turkey in the future.”

Furthermore, Atunis extends its support to schools, aiding in teacher recruitment and integration. Offering Coaching and Mentoring programs for professionals, the company leverages its personal inventory system to assist in recruitment processes, promotion planning, and the development of retention and attraction strategies.

As part of their active involvement with companies, Atunis assists in Performance Management and Goal Setting processes, embodying the goal of guiding companies toward sustainable growth while staying aligned with the evolving business landscape.

Upholding International Labor Standards and Diverse Client Focus

Atunis Consulting operates in strict compliance with the International Labor Organization’s agreement with Turkey, embodying a commitment to fair and just working environments. Mr. Can Suntay affirms, “Our dedication to these principles is not just a compliance measure; it’s a testament to our belief in creating workplaces that prioritize the financial freedom and autonomy of every individual.”

In adherence to the Wage Protection Convention, Atunis ensures that employers refrain from restricting the freedom of employees to utilize their wages. Mr. Can Suntay elaborates, “Our commitment extends to empowering individuals with the autonomy to use their earnings in a manner that best suits their needs and aspirations. Whether it’s in cash or kind, fairness and reasonability are paramount in our approach.”

Beyond compliance, Atunis Consulting is committed to advancing education and human resource development. The company champions open, flexible, and complementary systems related to education. Mr. Can Suntay emphasizes, “Our focus extends beyond the conventional. We aim to advance educational and vocational guidance, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need to thrive in their careers.”

Atunis Consulting’s commitment spans studies covering diverse aspects such as career advancement opportunities, working conditions, safety and hygiene at work, and economic, social, and cultural activities. Mr. Can Suntay articulates, “Our comprehensive approach addresses the varied needs across sectors and all levels of responsibility. It’s a holistic strategy aimed at creating workplaces that prioritize the well-being of employees at every level.”

Moving beyond local initiatives, Atunis Consulting aspires to contribute globally. The company seeks to emphasize the principle that every individual should be free to use their earnings as they wish. Mr. Can Suntay envisions, “By championing financial freedom at a global scale, we aim to contribute to a more equitable and empowering working environment worldwide. This is not just about local awareness; it’s a call for a global shift in mindset.”

In the realm of client focus, Atunis Consulting adopts a broad approach. Mr. Can Suntay elucidates, “Our wide focus allows us to serve large conglomerates, ensuring they stay at the forefront of pioneering efforts. Simultaneously, our boutique services are tailored for startups, growing companies, tech firms, and family-owned businesses. This diverse client focus enables us to offer customized solutions across the spectrum of business landscapes, fostering growth and innovation.”

Global Expansion and Comprehensive Support for Operations Abroad

As Atunis Consulting embarks on global operations, the company is committed to providing a seamless experience for clients abroad, rooted in a deep understanding of each country’s unique taxation rules. Mr. Can Suntay asserts, “Our aim is to not only assist employees and employers in navigating the complexities of foreign taxation but also to strategically leverage the Flex Rewards concept, providing exchange possibilities while staying within budgeted costs.”

To facilitate this international endeavor, Atunis Consulting is in the process of developing a specialized tool. This tool will serve as a comprehensive resource, helping clients comprehend the nuances of taxation, payroll, employment practices, and business laws across various countries. Mr. Can Suntay elaborates, “This tool is our commitment to empowering our clients with a profound understanding of different legal and business landscapes. We aim to increase the commitment of the workforce working in these countries by providing effective designs that align with the law, the general market, and cost considerations, particularly focusing on Total Rewards Management.”

The company’s commitment extends to supporting clients with Global and Regional management responsibilities in Total Reward Management. Mr. Can Suntay emphasizes, “We streamline processes for companies operating globally, facilitating the follow-up and administration of local labor laws, tax-SGK policies, and Total Rewards practices. Our goal is not just to navigate the legal intricacies but also to strategically reduce costs for our clients with operations abroad.”

Innovation, Personalization, and Guiding Philosophy

Ensuring innovation and providing personalized services are paramount for Atunis Consultancy. Mr. Can Suntay sheds light on the approach, “The key to staying innovative lies in staying deeply connected with the rapidly developing economy. We closely follow economic actions, agenda shifts, people issues, income distribution, and expenditure trends, along with monitoring crucial economic indicators. Additionally, our focus extends to understanding the working workforce’s perception of life, their motivation, thinking style, and professional personality types. This multifaceted approach is what sets us apart in the competitive landscape.”

At the core of Atunis Consultancy’s consultancy and training services is a guiding philosophy that places employees and workforce needs alongside employer interests. Mr. Can Suntay articulates, “Our philosophy revolves around striking a balance between the needs of employees and the interests of employers. It’s a political stand where we are perceived not only as focusing on employees but also deeply committed to ensuring the sustainability of our client’s business. This equilibrium is our guiding principle in every service we offer.”

To stay abreast of industry trends and assist clients in corporate compliance analysis, Atunis Consultancy adopts a proactive approach. Mr. Can Suntay details, “We collaborate with the best local business lawyers and accountants, ensuring that we are well-versed in local practices. Our commitment extends to partnering with local Total Remuneration Surveyors or creating new partnerships to delve into local practices and explore trends in other countries. Additionally, we explore collaborations with the State’s HR Office to promote specific trends and advocate for tailored incentives.”

Professional Development through CTOS Academy

Atunis Consultancy recognizes the pivotal role of continuous learning and professional development in an individual’s success. In collaboration with various highly qualified CTOS Academy coaches, the company aims to empower professionals to excel not only in their careers but also in their personal lives. Mr. Can Suntay emphasizes, “Our focus is on instilling an entrepreneurship perspective that transcends traditional career development. We aspire to guide individuals to navigate their careers with an entrepreneurial mindset, fostering both personal and professional growth.”

Atunis envisions contracting with a diverse pool of quality lecturers to cater to the unique needs of its clients. The goal is to bring together a team of experts capable of providing specialized coaching services. Mr. Can Suntay details, “Our commitment is to offer a variety of coaching services tailored to individual needs. Whether it’s leadership development, communication skills, problem-solving approaches, or enhancing emotional intelligence, our diverse team of coaches aims to provide comprehensive support.”

Central to Atunis Consultancy’s approach is its advanced Personal Inventory System. This system is not just a tool; it’s a strategic asset capable of providing personalized recommendations for professional development. Mr. Can Suntay highlights, “Our Personal Inventory System delves deep into individual profiles, revealing strong potentials, potential risks, thinking style, communication style, problem-solving approach, development suggestions, leadership style, motivation style, and 21st Century Competencies. This allows us to offer targeted and customized guidance for each individual’s unique needs.”

To ensure the highest quality coaching services, Atunis is committed to investing in its consultants. Mr. Can Suntay asserts, “Our consultants will undergo specialized education to enhance their coaching skills. This ensures that they approach clients with a comprehensive understanding of professional development, enabling them to provide nuanced guidance across various dimensions.”

Vision for the Future – Pioneering the Next Decades

As Atunis Consultancy moves forward, the company envisions a future shaped by a steadfast commitment to client needs and market positioning. Mr. Can Suntay shares, “Our vision is to reach all qualified Compensation and Benefits (C&B) professionals who aspire to invest in their consulting careers. We aim to attract young talents from universities, encouraging them to delve into the economic environments of Turkish countries and the developing world. Our understanding of the economy, coupled with technological applications, propels us to expand into Management Consulting and Effective Sales Management, developing locally-tailored software solutions aligned with our clients’ needs.”

Atunis Consultancy is actively engaged in collaborative studies with universities, focusing on helping students conduct research in the areas of Flexible Benefits and C&B. Mr. Can Suntay outlines, “Our commitment extends beyond the present. In the future, we aspire to take on more responsibilities, providing lectures to help students understand economic environments, HR fields, and the crucial importance of utilizing specific statistics and perspectives in their professional lives. We aim to employ proven techniques to develop essential skills and competencies.”

Over the next five years, Atunis Consultancy sets a compelling trajectory. The company aims to establish itself as the premier consulting entity in the market, representing the fourth Industrial Revolution and its digital footprint through AI. Mr. Can Suntay envisions, “We aspire to be at the forefront of innovative consulting, leveraging AI to enhance our services and stay ahead in the dynamic business landscape. Our services will not only cater to private entities but will extend to political parties and government organizations.”

Looking ahead to the next decade, Atunis Consultancy sets its sights on international prominence. The goal is to amplify impact globally and become the preferred consulting company in the HR and Management field on an international scale. Mr. Can Suntay concludes, “Our ambition is not limited to local success. We aim to make a mark internationally, contributing to the advancement of HR practices and management strategies on a global scale. Atunis Consultancy aspires to be the go-to consultancy firm for organizations seeking innovative solutions and strategic guidance.”

For More Info: https://www.atunis.com.tr/en/

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