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Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing commonly refers to the pricing of goods, services, or intangibles within a multinational organization and is one of the most complex and closely scrutinized areas of tax, involving many stakeholders including companies, fiscal authorities, regulators, and intergovernmental bodies.

The rising volume of global trade within multinational enterprises has created a transfer pricing environment of unprecedented complexity. Companies must now comply with many transfer pricing rules and regulations, which has become time-intensive and costly. Accompanied by increased enforcement and public scrutiny, it is no surprise that transfer pricing remains a leading tax and risk management issue for companies worldwide.

At Forvis Mazars, we have transfer pricing specialists located across the U.S. who assist clients of all sizes with transfer pricing compliance, audit support, and consulting initiatives. We also work with our Praxity alliance firms to seamlessly serve clients with varying global footprints. You require a team of advisors who can assist you throughout the transfer pricing life cycle—from policy development and design to implementation and compliance. At Forvis Mazars, we work with all your stakeholders to develop and align your transfer pricing strategy with your global business operations and wider commercial goals. We routinely work with clients on transfer pricing services that consider people, processes, and the use of technology, to help meet compliance obligations, mitigate risk, and identify and deliver on opportunities to generate value to help you move with momentum.

Global Mobility Services

Organizations need a global workforce and worldwide mobility to compete in the global marketplace. Crafting a detailed global mobility strategy takes time, teamwork, and careful thought. At Forvis Mazars, our global mobility services (GMS) practice helps companies plan, implement, and successfully manage international and state-to-state assignment programs. We work with a variety of multinational corporations, and the scale and scope of our knowledge spans the world, with our diversified, experienced, and passionate team working closely with clients to provide personal service on a global scale.

Inbound Services

Several issues can arise as foreign organizations move goods, services, and production to the U.S. Forvis Mazars can assist your multinational organization with tax planning for inbound operations focused on performance from strategy to execution.

Quantitative Services

Our international tax team can help you unlock your full potential with the following quantitative services: 

  • Earnings and Profits Analysis
  • Expense Allocation and Apportionment for Foreign Tax Credits
  • Sourcing of Income
  • Transfer Pricing Analysis
  • IC-DISC Commission Computation on Varied Approaches
  • Measuring Impact of Foreign Currency on Monetary Transactions
  • Deemed Dividend Computations (Subpart F & Section 956)
  • Computation of GILTI Tested Income
  • Base Erosion and Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT) Analysis and Related Computations
  • Measuring Foreign-Derived Deduction Eligible Income


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