June 19, 2024

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Unlocking business transformation: IBM Consulting enhances Microsoft Copilot capabilities

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Generative AI is not only generating significant revenue for tech companies, but it’s also yielding tangible benefits. For large organizations implementing AI solutions across their entire enterprise, the impact can be substantial. For example, reducing customer support costs or increasing engineering capacity can lead to billions of dollars in added value to their bottom line.

Microsoft is at the forefront of innovation in the generative AI market, where advancements in natural language processing (NLP) are powering the reasoning engine behind AI systems, driving further breakthroughs and opportunities. Microsoft® Copilot is an AI assistant designed to boost employee productivity and creativity across day-to-day tasks and is already at work in tools used every day. But for some businesses, there is a need for a more specific, customized solution. That’s when custom Copilots come into play. Custom Copilots can be tailor-made to a business’s specific use case and built to its exact specifications. 

To help businesses navigate the complexity and uncertainty of this fast-evolving landscape, IBM® Consulting has developed a pioneering solution to guide businesses toward increased productivity and success.

Introducing IBM® Copilot Runway, a unique offering that enables businesses to transform their processes and successfully scale AI. The IBM Copilot Runway offering facilitates the creation and deployment of Copilots that seamlessly integrate into the goals and activities of diverse organizations, guiding them towards increased productivity and efficiency in new domains.

This solution is designed to improve and optimize business processes through 3 distinct paths:

  1. Copilot Runway Adoption Framework
  2. Copilot Catalyst
  3. Pre-built custom Copilots

Simplify Copilot deployment with the Copilot Runway Adoption Framework

The Copilot Runway Adoption Framework is a customized framework that helps organizations deploy Copilots at scale. It prioritizes use cases by return on investment (ROI), defines operating models, and streamlines the deployment process for smooth integration and maximum impact.

Streamline Copilot deployment with Copilot Catalyst

The development and integration of Copilots into complex workflows can be a time-consuming task. Copilot Catalyst is an IBM Consulting accelerator that helps build and deploy Copilots and offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability in Copilot creation. Copilot Catalyst streamlines the deployment of custom Copilots, facilitates seamless data integration and comes with multi-model support so you can select the optimal large language model (LLM) for the specific task. Copilot Catalyst offers a wide range of benefits that empower users to streamline their workflows and make informed decisions. Organizations can unlock user control and enable strategic decision-making with Copilot Catalyst’s robust features and functionalities.

Accelerate business impact with pre-built custom Copilots

Pre-built custom Copilots offer ready-made solutions, significantly reducing implementation time and effort. Clients choose from a library of options that can immediately impact their businesses, including legal decision-making, customer service and employee experience. This AI-powered tool empowers agents with self-service questions, provides personalized recommendations, extracts complex terms from legal documents and enhances employee engagement.

These tailored custom Copilots are each designed to address specific use cases and expedite deployment.

  • The Procurement and Finance Contract Copilot assists specialists in extracting valuable insights from contracts. It can aid users in understanding complex contract terms, obligations and risks more efficiently, enabling informed decision-making and streamlining the contract process.
  • The Customer Service and Field Service Copilot gives agents and technicians access to self-service options and a time-saving generative AI search. It also provides real-time assistance and contextual support for streamlined operations. The Copilot offers upsell and cross-sell recommendations, empowering the agents to provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • The Employee Experience Copilot is designed to enhance employee engagement. It aims to ensure a seamless experience for employees from onboarding through everyday operations by reducing manual tasks.

The IBM Copilot Runway offering provides numerous advantages, including increased productivity, improved performance, quicker Copilot development and better value realization. This partnership between Microsoft and IBM Consulting offers a special chance for businesses to stay competitive amid rapid change. By using the capabilities of the IBM Copilot Runway offering, businesses may improve their efficiency, spur innovation and achieve extraordinary results.

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