June 22, 2024

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Your Technology Radar: Are You Quantum Ready?

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Advances in quantum computing are moving faster than many executives and government
officials recognize.

In this webinar, Dr. Michele Mosca will provide business and government leaders with
a practical understanding of how quantum computing applications could potentially
be leveraged for competitive advantage as well as highlight the critical need for
organizations to develop quantum-ready cybersecurity capabilities or risk catastrophic
system failures of operations.

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Headshot of Dr. Michele Mosca


Dr. Michele Mosca

Co-founder, Institute for Quantum Computing
CEO and Co-founder, evolutionQ

Michele Mosca is one of the world’s leading authorities in quantum computing and associated
cyber-risks. He started University of Waterloo’s efforts in quantum computing in 1999,
where he is full professor in the Faculty of Mathematics with cross-appointments in
Computer Science and Physics & Astronomy. He is co-founder of CryptoWorks21, a training
program in quantum-safe cryptography. He also co-founded evolutionQ Inc. to provide
services and products that enable organizations to evolve their quantum-vulnerable
systems and practices to quantum-safe environments.

Dr. Mosca has won numerous awards and honours throughout his career, including 2010
Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, the Premier’s Research Excellence Award (2000-2005), Fellow
of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) since 2010, Canada Research
Chair in Quantum Computation (2002-2012), University Research Chair at the University
of Waterloo (2012-present), Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2013) and Fr.
Norm Choate C.R., Lifetime Achievement Award (2017). He holds D. Phil from Oxford
University focused on quantum computing algorithms.

Headshot of Sherry Shannon-Vanstone


Sherry Shannon-Vanstone

Founder, President, and CEO
Profound Impact Corporation

Sherry Shannon-Vanstone is a purpose-driven, successful serial tech entrepreneur known
for building high-performing teams. As a trailblazing woman in information security,
she’s a strategic risk-taker who led startups to successful exits in Silicon Valley
and the Toronto-Waterloo Tech corridor with two IPOs and two acquisitions.

Sherry earned a MSc. in mathematics and worked as a cryptologic mathematician with
the US Government. This experience provided the foundation for a career in info security
including VP Electronic Commerce at MasterCard and C-suite positions with info security
start-ups: Cylink, Certicom, and TrustPoint Innovation.

At Certicom, Sherry was the catalyst in the commercialization of Elliptic Curve Cryptography
(ECC), which formed the foundation of the security for Blackberry Rim. Today ECC is
utilized to provide the highest level of security in every mobile device worldwide.


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